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Sikerül vajon túllépnünk az előítéleteken? Ez a könyv biztosan segít – egyelőre angolul jelent meg:

Nem rossz állatok

Do you get as excited about new books as we do? Check out this fun new children’s book to learn good things about animals with a bad reputation.

Illusztrátora, Sophie Corrrigan így ajánlja:

„My poor pinkie finger buckling under the weight of my MASSIVE BOOK out THIS TUESDAY!! 🙊🌻🦊🐊🐝 #TheNotBadAnimals is my biggest, most ambitious project yet, and I’m so proud of it. Finally, the misunderstood animals of the world have been given a voice and the chance to speak for themselves  Thankyou to everyone who has left a review on @goodreads, I’ve been blown away by the reception it’s already had! 💚”

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